New Japanese Vibes (84) – My Hair Is Bad 恋人ができたんだ ‘Koibito ga Dekitanda’

Another working week comes to an end, but only this time I come to the realisation that I’ve abandoned this blog for nearly a week. Luckily, Niigata-based indie rock band My Hair Is Bad pops up in front of my MacBook screen and delights my musical senses with their candid rock number 恋人ができたんだ ‘Koibito ga Dekitanda’ (‘I made a lover’). Paired with a music video flicking through nostalgic photos of what may be the two ‘lovers’ in question, the trio express their emotions and passion through a sumptuous musical world filled with grand strings, inspiring guitar riffs and down-to-earth vocals.

Other Info/Context

  • My Hair Is Bad’s new album woman’s will be released on October 19th.

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