J-Christmas Vibes [4] – Num Contena ‘Flight to Winter’

Sometimes, we all need to wind down and just put one’s mind at ease with musical goodness. ‘Flight to Winter’ by Fukuoka-based indie-pop band Num Contena Its jangling guitars loosely reminisce jingling bells, and the rich blend of spontaneous vocals, gently rocking drums and floating harmonies shimmer with sentimentality, making this tune the ideal number to listen to beside the cosy fireplace. ‘Flight to Winter’ features in their first full album Smile When You’re Dead. Hear more of Num Contena in my blog post here, and find out more about Dead Funny Records here.

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New Japanese Vibes (88) – Num Contena ‘Smile When You’re Dead’

Reminiscent of 90s American alt-rock and indie-folk, Fukuoka-based indie rock quartet Num Contena uncover their new track ‘Smile When You’re Dead’ from their upcoming first full album Smile When You’re Dead. Flowing vocals, gleaming guitar riffs and a cradle-rocking beat is layered with tranquil psychedelic musical waves to spellbind listeners in a charming and wistful rock vibe. Not only does this track excite me for the Num Contena to come in the future, it also endorses Dead Funny Recordsname as a source of Japan’s great indie artists.

Other Info/Context

  • Num Contena’s first album Smile When You’re Dead will be released on December 14th.
  • Find out more about Dead Funny Records and their artists here.

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