New Japanese Vibes (102) – The Rouges 海辺にて ‘Umibe Nite’

Perhaps the bleak February weather is not the perfect setting to indulge in some laid-back lo-fi and surf rock vibes, but I couldn’t help but rouse my curiosity for The Rouges and their new tune海辺にて ‘Umibe Nite’ (‘At the Seaside’). From the outset, clanking drums and jangling guitars drenched in reverb ooze premonitions of the glaring beach, and the trio’s juvenile personality comes to full bloom in their wonderfully frivolous vocals, and enriches the vintage backdrop.

Other Info

  • The Rouges’ new SWIM LOVE EP will be released on February 25th.

© Isaku Takahashi


Picks of the Week #6

  • Awesome City Club – ‘Don’t Think, Feel’

Illuminated by the colourful cosmopolitan life of Japan, Awesome City Club released their new track ‘Don’t Think, Feel’ in collaboration with global chain GAP. The song tugs the listener’s senses to dance along to the refreshing disco vibes, filled with dazzling strings, an array of jangling guitars, foot-tapping bass and drum lines, and led by atagi’s seductive vocals.

  • Taiko Super Kicks – 釘が抜けたなら ‘Kugi ga Nuketa nara’

Taiko Super Kicks are equally captivating live as they are on record. 釘が抜けたなら ‘Kugi ga Nuketa nara’ (‘If the nail has fallen out’) is one of many tracks featured in their latest album Many Shapes released last December. Also featuring extra vocals and guitar from singer-songwriter may.e, the Tokyo-based four-piece beautifully strolls through the song’s wistful melodies, evocative guitar riffs and vivid psychedelic rock ambience.

  • Super Ganbari Goal Keepers – プログレッシブな愛 ‘Progressive Love’

Super Ganbari Goal Keepers takes listeners back a few decades with their nostalgic track プログレッシブな愛 ‘Progressive na Ai’ (‘Progressive Love’). Based in Tokyo, the four-piece rock band recalls the vivid sounds of 60s surf rock with twangy guitars, up-tempo rhythms and tuneful riffs and vocal melodies driving through the musical motorway.

© Isaku Takahashi