Masayoshi Iimori

Masayoshi Iimori is a name gaining attention in the electronic music scene. The Japanese track maker from Saitama prefecture started off with a modest following on SoundCloud, and gradually expanded towards greater milestones that include grabbing the attention of electronic enthusiasts across the ocean and online platforms such as NEST HQ.

Living in Tokyo means that Iimori gets to experience many aspects of the vivid and cosmopolitan city, but is also a cultural hotspot in which musicians embrace styles from outside the Japanese border, which is perhaps reflected in his rainbow-coloured tracks such as ‘Break It’. One cannot sleep through this enticing trap number constantly changing in atmosphere and sonic intentions. It is full of in-your-face vocal samples, alluring synth harmonies, pounding beats, laser-coloured timbres, and unashamedly echoing glimpses of viral tune ‘Harlem Shake’.

Badly’ sees a vibrant palette of sounds and riffs collide with each other to coax a gritty and downright seductive electronic number. Taken from his Futon EP, Iimori brings elements of trap, hip-hop and techno music under one creative filter. Perpetuating synth phrases, a meticulous drum line, sporadic vocal particles cast a sonic spell under a relentless rhythmic propulsion.

Whirlwind’ is the track that marks NEST HQ’s enthusiasm for Iimori’s unique creations. No two bars or phrases are the same – the track has a relentless energy that galvanises a “whirlwind” of sonic ideas from the quirky laser-tinged synth lead, pounding drumbeats, intense dynamic shifts, skittish vocal fragments and complex rhythmic lines woven with precision-engineered craft.

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